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William Elliott Hinson has been listening to music his whole life. From the ORFF ensemble in middle school to Share the Road in high school, he has constantly found ways to spread his love of music. This is William: Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer. 

William Elliott Hinson grew up in Dallas Texas listening to bands like Van Halen and Def Lepard. His father loved making him listen to classic rock all day long and eventually, it stuck with him. ​

When William was in 6th grade he had his first introduction into music, the Good Shepherd Episcopal School ORFF Ensemble. There he learned the basics of rhythm, harmony, composition, and performance, all through the medium of xylophones and other percussion instruments. 

After he left Good Shepherd, he needed something to fill the void left behind by the xylophone. This is when the guitar came in. He picked up the old Fender nylon string guitar that was collecting dust for years and taught himself to play. Now he also plays piano, mandolin, violin, and many other instruments.

In 2016, William co-founded the band Share the Road with Mitchell Drake and Bryce Crowel while camping in Colorado. Share the Road, named after a safety sign off the side of the road, went on to release 2 EPs. The second EP, called "The Home Sessions vol. 1," was also produced by William. They couldn't afford to pay a recording engineer or a mixer, so William did it himself.

When William went to college, Share the Road broke up, but William continued his passion for music by writing more original music and collaborating with many talented artist like Wolf and Dallas Leedom.

Whether he is writing, performing, or just producing, William's classic rock influence always shows through in his music. He takes from rock, blues, pop, country, and many other genres to create an original sound that is fun and easy to listen to. 

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